Yes,  another obsession.

Here’s a few projects I’ve  completed to date,  and at the bottom,  my current in progress: a granny stripes afghan.


I’ll update with progress on the latest project as it goes. Anyone have any great easy crochet projects that they think I’d like? Feel free to send me links in the comments.

New Day, New Opportunities

Looking-behind-I-am-filled-with-gratitude-looking-forward-I-am-filled-with-vision-looking-upwards-I-am-filled-with-strength-looking-within-I-discover-peace.So much has been happening the past few months, but its mostly good. I left my job in March, went out on my own, dug in my heels for a difficult time, and now things are finally starting to pay off. A door that was closed for me a few months ago has reopened, and another opportunity is ramping up for the next few months which promises to be in the long run to be lucrative and fulfilling on many levels.

I’m discovering that when you don’t just settle for good enough, the right things come along. Its not an easy road, sometimes downright challenging and overwhelming. But patience, perseverance and faith in myself and those around me has yielded a promising future.

That being said, I ask for good thoughts, positive energies from everyone still. A family member is in a bad way emotionally, and while we’re certain we’re on the right path to getting it resolved, it will be a difficult transition for those of us involved. I ask for prayers and good energies so that we can get this all taken care of with a minimum of difficulty.

With everything that’s been happening, my drawing has been on the back burner. That will be returning shortly once things get settled.

Thanks for listening, my friends. Namaste, have an awesome week!

Its all about me

Ok,  this is a small rant of sorts, and a bit of an affirmation. After several conversations over the past few days,  I’ve decided I need to be more about me.  I spend so much time bending over backwards for people,  trying to make myself indispensable,  that I’ve lost me.  I’m finding lately that I offer myself and my time and energy up,  sometimes having to completely rearrange my whole schedule,  only to find later it wasn’t necessary,  or to have it go unacknowledged and unappreciated. And it appears that in some cases,  my efforts are going un-noticed or,  more likely,  unappreciated.  I’m feeling neglected and used,  and I’m done with it.

And no,  this doesn’t mean I will stop doing for others,  or being the best at what I do.  It simply means I am no longer going to constantly do for others at the expense of myself with no appreciation . If that makes me a selfish person,  so be it.

I realize I’ve not posted anything for a long while.

So,  here are a few pics from the last Sunday’s impromptu visit to Seaside Heights,  NJ.





The pictures don’t do the incredible colors justice.  These were taken over the ocean,  at sunset.. Yes, the sun was behind us. 

I wish I would have taken more shots but at the time I had limited storage capacity on my phone. I’ve since installed an SD card so that won’t be a problem any more.