Buddha Lotus

It’s done, finally! Projects are taking me longer lately. I still love to paint, but the weight of the world around me gives me less motivation. I need someone to paint for.

Coming back

I sat early this morning for the first time in close to a year. I woke up to get my son off to school, walked around the house to open the windows and turned off the air conditioning, and realized it was a beautiful day. I decided in that moment that I needed to take my cushion and my blanket outside and meditate. I did not place any unrealistic expectations on my mind, I set my insight timer for 20 minutes, and just let my body relax. Where I live it is not totally quiet, there is a constant hum of engines from the farm next door, but I allowed that to blend in and out of my consciousness without letting it bother me. Various sounds in our development, animals, Birds, the occasional car… I allowed them all to fade in and out as they were. It was not the best session I’ve ever had, but it certainly was better than I expected after being away from it for so long. I truly needed this, my brain has been so full of clatter and frustration lately, and I think this help me put a short respite and perspective on it. It’s easier to pull yourself out of a funk when you can actually experience some of the good on the other side. I’m going to try to continue to discipline in the following days. Namaste my friends.